Saturday, February 25, 2006

Small Anime Con

Today I went to a small anime con and met someone else who also had a doll.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Here are some more photos of louis.

I have decided to name my new doll Louis Irving Eberwolf.
I hung some white fabric on my book shelf and took some pictures of Louis sitting in front of it. He's so cute! I need to make some clothes for him.

Wi Finally Arrived!

Wi from Dream of Doll came today! I was so exited, I ran strait up to my room to open his box.

I carefully opened the box with a steak knife and inside was the black bag that held my precious doll which I had spent so much money on.

I slowly unzipped the bag and pulled out its contents.

The bag had held a large purple sausage covered with bubble wrap, a bag with a wig, a bag with extra hand parts and two little booklets. I decided to start with the bubble wrap.

After I got that off I had to untie two pink ribbons holding two very soft pillows together.

Inside I found my doll wrapped in bubble wrap looking totally like a mummy.

Slowly I peeled of the bubble wrap careful not to pull to hard. And finally I got to see his face through his plastic mask designed not to damage his face during shipping.

And finally he's out of all that bubble wrap!

I unwrapped his extra hand parts to see what they look like.

Now for some photos of him with his wig on!